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 Jewish children's sites

Jewish Children's Museum  [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] or
The homepage for the Jewish Children's Museum located in Brooklyn, New York.

Jewish Kids Online - - Tzivos Hashem

Welcome to Aleph Land -
A child friendly site for young children to learn Alef-Beis and some basic observances. Includes coloring pages.

Jewish Youth Corner -
Short stories, this month in Jewish history, interesting facts and jokes. It also has a directory of all the blessings.

Jewish Book Favorites  
Jewish children and teen books with sample chapters and stories online. The site also features a Jewish pop-up card with "how to make it" instructions.

Kolel Online -  - Games, puzzles, activities, and crafts for Jewish kids.

Torah Tots - - A series of stories, educational material, interactive fun and games, and printable coloring pages for Jewish children.

Shabbat Books -
Children's e-books on Shabbos, some easy to read ones with pictures and a coloring book to download.

Children's Judaica -



Jewish educational and inspirational sites for adults and teens

Ohr Somayach - Ask The Rabbi -

Jewish Questions Answered -

Ask the Rabbi at - We'll give you answers -

Ahavat Israel - Ask the Rabbi - ask a Rabbi links - -

  1. Ohr Somayach, (Jerusalem, Israel).
  2. Aish HaTorah, (Jerusalem, Israel).
  3. Torah Net, (Ofakim, Israel).
  4. Chabad Lubavitch, (New York, USA).
  5. Orthodox Union, (Kashrut Experts).
  6. Project Genesis, (Baltimore, USA).
  7. Darjey Noam, (En Espanol).

National Jewish Outreach Program
Shabbatons, crash course in the Hebrew language and other programs.
Rabbi Buchwald on the upper west side of Manhattan has many different classes on Judaism. His programs are inspirational and stimulating.

Chabad - English -
Chabad's headquarters homesite.
Links to Chabad, Jewish educational centers all over the world including India, Africa, Taiwan, Russia, China etc.
If you were searching for classes on Judaism in Manhattan, you would click on centers, then select NYC, then choose the center giving the classes that you are interested in.
The Chabad, mid-Manhattan center and synagogue on Fifth Avenue and forty-second street (509 Fifth Avenue  second floor) has a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. You can relax and also drink some hot tea before or after prayers or learning classes. We have not seen the other centers, but we think that they will often have the same warm atmosphere.  High quality audio classes on Jewish topics.

Judaism For Today - Aish HaTorah -
Aish HaTorah is an international network of Jewish educational centers. Classes assume little or no Jewish background, and have achieved a worldwide reputation for making Judaism exciting, relevant and user-friendly.

Esther Jungreis has many stimulating classes on the upper west side of Manhattan

Jewish Media Sources -
Newspaper columnist, Jonathan Rosenblum, writes about different Jewish topics.

Teach Yourself Judaism at Chadish Media
On this site one can order many interesting Jewish cassette tapes such as - Teach Yourself How To Lead The Pesach Seder.

Being Jewish -
Very extensive archive of answers to basic questions on Judaism.

Shalheves -
On this site one can order cassettes tapes from Rabbi Ezriel Tauber, who is well known for his books and lectures on the meaning of Judaism. He has a European, Israeli accent, but don't let that distract you. His lectures are inspiring and thought provoking.

Jewish Book Favorites
Inspirational books with sample chapters and stories online
Beautiful site about Shabbat.

Candle Lighting Times for Shabbat and Holidays - throughout the world -

Jewish paintings that touch the soul
Chava Roth also teaches art. - Kosher Kabbala from the mystical city of Sefad, Israel. Inspiring and uplifting site.

"Kosherfinder: Your Guide to Everything Kosher" is a good site, including databases of consumer and industrial kosher products, a kosher restaurant database, recipes, news, interviews, Jewish educational links, articles on travel, health and nutrition

" includes product listings, consumer alerts, articles about kashrus, kosher travel links, and recipes.

The Jewish Bereavement Project -
An online guide to Jewish Bereavement Resources and Services through out Los Angeles County. The site offers listings of Jewish and secular support groups, agencies that offer related services, relevant websites, books and other resources. There is also information specific to the Jewish Mourning process.

Getting A Get -
Information for Jewish men and women in England, Wales and Scotland about divorce according to Jewish family law. List of organizations to contact for advice and information. - Facilitated communication. The site about Galia -  The moving story of a special child and her mother who communicate via Facilitated Communication.

Arachim -
Site in Hebrew, offering a large collection of essays on life
from the Torah point of view, and religious topics.

Mezuzah (Hebrew) -
A complete web site about the Mezuzah.

Arutz Sheva -
radio station in the Holy Land                                   

True Peace   -

Shofar -
(Israel)  the organization of Harav Amnon Yitzchak, Bnei Brak. Tel: 03-677-7779
A Leader of Jewish outreach in the Land of Israel.

Chabad - Hebrew -

Torah Net -
Offers classes in English, Hebrew and French

Jewish Russian Library - Russian language books -

Jewish Russian Language Books  (Jewish Russian Library)

Chabad Argentina -
Jewish educational site in Spanish. This site is well organized and informative.                                 

Ohr Tmimim
Ohr Tmimim is a "Chabad" Yeshiva (College of Jewish Studies), for English speaking Baalei Tshuva (late beginners) ages17 - 32, in Kfar Chabad, Israel.

Project Genesis -
Disseminates traditional Torah learning by sponsoring a number of online classes and discussion groups, many of which require no previous educational background. Most classes are archived. There are links to other Torah-learning resources

Jewish Interactive Studies -
Online courses for Jewish adults of all educational backgrounds and affiliations, who seek a mature understanding of Judaism and Jewish perspectives on life. Fifteen structured courses cover Jewish ethics, foundations of Judaism, Jewish holidays, and Torah/Bible studies. Most courses are free; some have a nominal fee. Registration required.

Alef - Open Torah Study -
E-courses in Torah and Judaism, including Tanach, Bible, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy, for students of all backgrounds

Shma Yisrael -
A site offering information, articles, news,
services, study programs, etc

The Inner Dimension -                           

Come to Torah Video! -
Hundreds of hours of Jewish learning in streaming Video for Jews of all levels and backgrounds!


Orthodox Union -

NCSY - program for teens -


Book Store and Publisher Sites

Mount Zion Books -
AKA Sifrei Har Tzion. Jerusalem retailer of Jewish books in English, Hebrew, French, and Russian. Ships worldwide.

Targum/Feldheim -
Publisher of Jewish books.
Artscroll/Mesorah -
Publisher of Jewish books.
Merkos/Kehot -
Publisher of Jewish books.
Hachai -
Publisher of Jewish books.
Judaica Press -
Publisher of Jewish books.
One Stop Judaica -
Jewish book store

Jewish book store  

Jewish book store


Some Other Jewish Sites -
A comprehensive database of resource materials for Jewish Yeshiva educators. Requires registration.

Bias Chana of California -

Tzohar -
A site in English and Hebrew on the activities of the Tzohar
kiruv organization.

Welcome to the JLE -
Listing of introductory and intermediate courses offered by Ohr Somayach in the United Kingdom.

Torah Today -
One minute daily Torah message, sent as streaming audio, to you mailbox.

Yeshiva Online -
A Yeshiva dedicated to teaching children who can't find Jewish education in their home town. Catering to tzirai shluchim and homebound children

Holy Sparks - 

Chabad - Jewish studies - Jewish Gematria - Seven Noaich Commandments - B'nai Noach Torah Institute


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