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Books for small children -
Story samples from the five volume series-
Our Sages Showed the Way are linked from this page. Other book samples for this age group are not directly on this site but  hyperlinks to Artscroll, Hachai Publishing, Merkos/Kehot and Tzivos Hashem will show more book samples for small children.


The Storyteller
a favorite collection of stories in five volumes. 
Five volume Jewish story collection for children in middle grades by Nissen Mindel (Merkos/Kehos pub.)
The Storyteller Vol.1(sample not available presently)
The Storyteller series is interesting for all ages, adults as well as children. The author writes in a style that is easy to read, yet it is not strictly a 'children's' style but an ageless style that all can enjoy.
The stories were gathered mainly from old Yiddish and Hebrew books, collections of stories from the previous centuries. Most of these stories have a true core.
There are a number of stories of WWII and stories from behind the iron curtain. Each of these were told to the author by those who lived through them. These stories are all true.  

The Storyteller (vol.2)
featured sample story relates the origin of the sacred Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer of Unesaneh Tokef.

The Storyteller (vol.3)-

 The Storyteller (vol.4)

The Storyteller (vol.5.)

For many more online stories from The Storyteller, link to, a children's club with information about the holidays, stories, story tapes, and picture books online.
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Visit Tzivos Hashem - a Jewish Children's Club, Tzivos Hashem has information about the Holidays, Jewish picture books, Jewish stories, and Jewish story tapes online. They show complete picture books online from Hachai publishing. They also have stories for children in middle grades online.

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About us-We are a family living in New York who thought it would be nice to have a Jewish book site with sample chapters online so that people who don't have easy access to a variety of favorite Jewish books might be able to browse online. We also thought that our site might be a service to librarians and Jewish libraries.

Our site is Jewish children's books, but we also feature Jewish teen books and Jewish inspirational books.

We are small, but we have included some of the best and others that are favorites. We hope that you enjoy it here.

We hope you will come often to visit, in this Jewish children's reading room.

Our Sages Showed the Way
An old and beloved classic

Five volume series by Yocheved Segal.
(Feldheim Pub.)
A wonderful series to own and read again and again.
Helps children learn to read and may also be read to preschoolers.
This story collection conveys
timeless Jewish ethics and values and was the inspiration for making this site.

 Our Sages Showed the Way - Vol.2

Our Sages Showed the Way - Vol. 3

Our Sages Showed the way - Vol. 4

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